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Provides a wide range of services for Feature Films, TV Series, Documentaries, Corporate videos, Still photo shoots, TV shows, and Commercials, from pre-production to production and post Production. Whatever your requirements, we are able to realize them in a timely and efficient manner. We find optimal solutions for every budget and tailor-made to your individual needs and requirements. Every new project is a new passionate challenge for us. Working with us is a feast that enables you to discover new experiences and travel to places that every time allows us to discover something new!

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We have over 50 years of experience in media productions, films, movies, commercials, documentaries, cinema, television and home entertainment.


We are open to collaborations and co-productions with other companies for films or series creation. We also have scripts and ideas for film co-production. Last but not least, we are always open to new ideas, suggestions and script ideas.

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Greece (Hellas - ΕΛΛΑΣ) means the LAND OF LIGHT. It’s a country enriched with culture and arts, located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, it stands at the junction of three different continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. Exceptionally beautiful and varying landscapes are found in the islands, sea, and mainland. Cities and monuments with thousands of years of history. Mild and inviting Mediterranean climate with blooming four seasons, Greece is the ideal place to express your vision. We invite producers worldwide to work with us for media and filming productions, in Greece.